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Reliable Assistant Volunteers with ERTA - Posted 10.02.2022

ERTA Calls for people to consider becoming “reliable assistant volunteers”
As the English Regional Transport Association (ERTA)’s vital work across the regions demands
growth of reliable, assistant volunteers, to help us better service existing commitments and to be
in a better position expand our efforts. Volunteering with ERTA can provide useful experience and
CV filling as well as enabling others with time, talent or both to contribute and give-back to the
national interest. The key roles we want people to assist with is:
✓ Leafleting be it Great Central Corridor re-railing, Horsham, Bedford and elsewhere – it is
exercise, must have own transport and a modicum of common sense. Reliability is key.
✓ Research, fact finding and putting cases/coherent arguments together for advancing our
projects. Guildford-Horsham, Horsham-Shoreham, Woodhead, Northamptonshire and London.
✓ Forum and helping with marketing meetings: Horsham, Leicester, Bedford, London and
elsewhere. Getting people to our forums, engaging positively and helping advance existing goals
and policies, as well as identifying new and ensuring they are resourced.
✓ We request people consider joining ERTA as a Member which gives more rights and enables
Committee work and inner echelons to better function. Qualities are reliability, admin ability and
keeping sight of what we are trying to achieved and getting the balances right.
More information can be found on our website:  attend forums and tap in to what we are doing and explore
what you can offer in terms of time, talent, recruitment and resource generation. As a team, we
can aim for turning the tide from fragmented railways to route protection, year-on-year rail
reopenings agendas; cutting congestion, emissions and waste by re-railing people, places and
glaring gaps in the national rail network of a local, conventional type. 

To apply or for further information, please fill in the Application form.

Mission Statement

The British Regional Transport Association (BRTA) is a voluntary membership-based, pro-public transport improvement association with several of its projects having a nationwide positive benefit and impact. Membership is open to all.