The Source Young People's Charity (Aldershot)

Volunteer Counsellors/Therapist - Added 2/2/2021

The Source Young People's Charity is a local Christian Charity based in Aldershot. We celebrate diversity, and our doors are always open to anyone regardless of faith or background. Our core values are: Expressing God’s Love, Rooted in Prayer, Igniting Hope, Renewal, Acceptance & Inclusion, and Empowering.

We are looking for Volunteer Counsellors/Therapists to help us support and empower Young People aged 14-25 years, living in Aldershot and the neighbouring towns.

The role would suit someone who is 18+ and the responsibilities include:

providing weekly sessions in our office, online or over the phone to help support Young People develop emotional intelligence, self-esteem and resilience. Support can be short-term, or longer based on the needs of Young People.

To apply, please click on the "fill in an application" button. We will then get back to you asking to see a copy of your CV, plus details on why you feel you are suitable for the role.

Role description and information:

As a Counsellor/Therapist you would have the privilege of:

  • Seeing a young person’s life transformed
  • Supporting them to build resilience, emotional intelligence and positive self-esteem
  • Help them to develop essential life skills
  • Assist them to make informed choices
  • Provide emotional support where young people are facing difficulties.