Emergency Response Volunteering

Emergency Response Volunteers wanted

Would you be able to put your name down on a list of people who would be willing to be contacted to help in or after a time of emergency or disaster within Surrey?

This could be flooding such as that experienced in Surrey in the winter of 2013 or perhaps heavy snowfall or other extreme weather event but could be any event where there may be vulnerable people requiring assistance.

When an emergency strikes people do come forward and want to help out, but it can be quite difficult for emergency services to deploy volunteers to where they are needed when they are dealing with that emergency and is often in the aftermath rather than the actual event that volunteer help is most needed. What is far more useful is if people let us know before hand if they would like to help, then if an event that requires a community response does happen we can  issue instructions on where to go and what we'd like you to do. 

Signing up to the list does not oblige you to help out.

If you would like to sign up please use the link on this web page to fill out an application form.

Thank you.

This role has been posted by South West Surrey Volunteer Centres