Buckinghamshire & Surrey Trading Standards

Trading Standards Mail Marshal

We are looking for individuals living in Surrey and Buckinghamshire who are receiving scam mail.

You can find out more about scam mail on our website or at www.thinkjessica.com/shocking-facts/

Collect the scam mail that you receive and send it to the scheme’s Freepost address so that it can be potentially utilised as evidence in future investigative and enforcement work. You may even be asked to be a witness (if you would like to assist further) but this is not mandatory.

As a Mail Marshal, you will be collecting, recording and sending scam mail to the National Trading Standards Scams Team (NTSST).

Prior to becoming a Mail Marshal you will need to sign a confidentiality agreement, agreeing to collect your scam mail. Ideally we would like you to send in your scam mailings every couple of weeks but if you’re only able to send it in every 3-4 weeks that’s fine too. During your time as a Mail Marshal we’ll be asking for your feedback about participating in the scheme.