GOLO, Godalming Lottery

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About Us

Golo is a small society lottery, run like a raffle, to raise funds for local causes in Godalming, and to foster community spirit.

Our Team

We believe everything about Golo should be "win win" i.e. we want our volunteers to benefit from taking part and have fun!  By joining Golo's friendly team you will acquire useful transferable skills and experience.


We need people to help sell Golos particularly around pubs in Godalming and villages, but also at fetes and markets.  It's a fun job.  You will wear our distinctive 'Golo polo'.  

You just need to chat to people about Golo and if they buy Golos at £1 each you need to detach the ticket from the stub.  You don't take contact details.  It is up to the buyers to check the results, so it's very easy.  Just be careful to keep the stubs and the money.  We will give you commission Golos to reward you for sales.  We will accompany you until you get the hang of it.  Each sales trip should only last 60-90 minutes


Outgoing and enthusiastic person.   You must be over 18 to sell in pubs and over 16 to sell at fetes, markets etc.


Godalming area.

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