Transition Town Farnham

Farnham Repair Cafe - Welcome Desk Administrator

Farnham Repair Cafe is ......

We require a volunteer to manage the "Welcome Desk" once a month on 2nd Saturday morning from about 9.30 a.m. - 1.00 p.m.  You will have some skill in administering registrations and collecting data about the repairs, also managing the flow of people through the repair cafe, especially during the initial rush!

Mission Statement

Transition Town Farnham is a community-led organisation, working to build a stronger and more vibrant community in and around Farnham.

We focus on implementing real projects now that improve our lives today.

We look ahead to prepare ourselves for the challenges that our community is likely to face in the future.

And we work to inform and involve others in our town, so that they can take the steps that are right for them.