Broadband For Surrey Hills

Wayleave Volunteer (permission to dig)

Our goal is to get broadband to properties that are often out of the way and hard to reach. To get to these places we approach landowners for their permission to dig across their land for free. This agreement is called a Wayleave. We have found most landowners to be supportive, wanting to help us bring high speed broadband to their community.


Can you give 1 day to 2 days a week? You’ll be visiting landowners; walking their land, agreeing the route, and making sure the forms are filled in. Some of this role can be carried out from your home at times to suit you.


We will give you training and support to carry out this role.


There is a real sense of achievement in this role; your efforts will help to bring fast, reliable broadband to rural families, businesses, schools, churches and village halls. You’ll be able to visit beautiful, private places in The Surrey Hills.


Are you someone who likes talking to people and who has good attention to detail? Perhaps you like maps and being outdoors? If so, we’d love to hear from you!


To do this role you’ll need to be able to drive. B4SH will reimburse your travel expenses.


posted July 2022

Mission Statement

Broadband for Surrey Hills (B4SH) is a not-for-profit community internet service provider. Our purpose is to bring reliable, hyperfast fibre broadband to hard to reach, rural, communities in the Surrey Hills.