We have lots of local organisations looking for TRUSTEES

Are you interested in becoming a Trustee?

Charity trustees play a very important role in making sure that the charity is run in the interests of the people it is there to support. They strategically oversee the management and administration of the organisation they are volunteering with.

Trustees generally need to be over the age of 18.  You cannot be a Trustee if you have been previously disqualified as a trustee or company director, are an undischarged bankrupt or have certain unspent criminal convictions.

Lots of the organisations registered with us are looking to recruit Trustees.  Some roles are specialist, i.e financial, but others are looking for general Trustees.

If you would like to find out more about the available roles, click back into our volunteering database and click on The Type of Task in the drop down menu and then into Trustees / Management Committees.  A list will be displayed of all of the opportunities currently available across South West Surrey.

If you can't see anything on the list to suit your requirements, get in touch with us via this link and we will email round to all of our organisations to see if there are any alternative roles that would match your skill set.

Organisations that are currently seeking Trustees and aren't advertising with us are:

Guildford Poyle Charities, Surrey Youth Focus & Surrey Lifelong Learning Partnership - ask us for more details

Good luck in finding the perfect role for you!