Cherry Trees (East Clandon)

Be the Cherry Trees mascot! -posted 22.08.2019

Cherry is our much loved, friendly and very noticeable mascot.


She’s done it all; Christmas Light Switch-Ons, visited schools and we need her out more. Are you that someone willing to ‘be Cherry’, helping our mascot gain more visibility ? Could you and even a friend help with getting into character on an ad-hoc basis ?

Attending community events, fundraisers, PR photo-shoots, cheque presentations, collection days.

Engage with the public in a ‘characterful’ fun and safe way. Being happy and representing the Cherry Trees brand when out.

React appropriately to all age groups.

Promote Cherry Trees & interact with the public to raise awareness of our cause, aid donation collections and to have fun!                 


Flexible working at events when required by Cherry trees and to able to transport the suit.

This is a flexible role, with numerous events we need help with for around 2 hours each time.

You will need:

a sense of humour

outgoing personality

stamina to wear the suit

Due to the nature of the mascot suit Cherry is nonverbal with all communication to the public made via gestures.


It is suggested two people are needed for Cherry as assistance is needed to get into the ‘suit’ and short-ish stints in the suit are preferable.

A car with a decent sized boot or seats that go down, to enable the driving of the Cherry suit.

We are open to hearing from anyone interested in being Cherry – do you know of someone who is non-verbal (for example) but who may want to be a mascot for a few hours ? We would love to hear from them.

If you are interested in this role or would like further information please fill in an Application form and we will be in contact soon.