Cheer squad volunteer

Help us spread some cheer and support our incredible Team Breathe runners. In this role you’ll be helping at our amazing cheer stations and giving our runners the extra push and encouragement, they need to make it over the finish line!

You can bring family and friends along too and join our Sporting + Events Team on event day, for an exciting chance to providing everyone with a great Team Breathe experience.

You’ll have a named Asthma + Lung UK contact to support you along the way and we’ll provide the cheering materials to use while at the cheer point. You’ll also have a team contact keeping in touch via email with a variety of exciting content.

We welcome applications from people from all areas of community, who have a passion for helping to drive the transformation of lung health. Our upcoming London Marathon event will take place on the 21st April 2024.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to drive the transformation of lung health. We strive for a world where lung health is prioritised through better understanding, research, treatment and support.

Therefore we fund cutting-edge research, and provide advice and support for the 12 million people who will get a lung condition during their lifetime.

We also campaign for clean air and better NHS diagnosis and treatment.