Streetlight UK Volunteer

Volunteering will take place across various locations in Surrey and Sussex, depending on the nature of the task.

Volunteers will be doing a range of tasks including online outreach, making self-care kits for the service users, going with Support Workers on 1-2-1 visits with the service users, and attending police operations for suspected brothels. Hours are flexible and volunteers do not have to do any tasks that they do not feel comfortable with.

The Streetlight UK office (for both the Sussex and Surrey teams) is located in Crawley so most of the volunteers will need to be able to travel here. There is some local transport and the office can be easily reached by bus from both Gatwick and Crawley train stations. Police Operations and 1-2-1 meetings take place across Surrey and so any volunteers undertaking these will be expected to travel.
Unfortunately, as we are a relatively small charity, travel expenses will not be covered. 

All relevant training will be provided before volunteers are expected to undertake any tasks and volunteers will be supervised at all times. 


Supporting and Empowering women involved in prostitution to build a new life

Streetlight UK provides specialist support services for women involved in prostitution across Surrey, Sussex and London. We support women and help them overcome the challenges that limit their choices: such as lack of education and training, lack of employment opportunities, as well as the physical and emotional barriers before them.

Our aims are:

  • to seek womens emotional, physical, spiritual, mental and economic well-being,
  • to promote social inclusion; breaking the cycle of crisis and reducing loneliness,
  • to raise public awareness and promote an understanding of the issues surrounding sexual exploitation in the wider community,
  • to respect a personal choices, leading to an individual approach for all support given,
  • and above all else, 
  • to empower women to exit prostitution where they wish to do so and support them in sustaining a new life.

Streetlight UK is, at its heart, an organization motivated by its Christian faith. However, no one is excluded from any part of the organisation based on any faith and beliefs they may or may not hold. What truly matters to us is a compassionate approach and a desire to help those stuck in this cycle of abuse.