The Cedar House Support Group

Grant and Funding Advisor - first posted 29.03.2022

About the Charity

The Cedar House Charity was set up for mothers experiencing prenatal and postnatal depression in 2004 and offers support to mothers by holding free weekly group therapy sessions. The groups provide a safe, supported, and confidential environment where mothers can get together with others who may be feeling similar to themselves and are facilitated by our specialist postnatal depression counsellor, Liz Wise. Liz has thirty years’ experience in facilitating groups, providing counselling and has personal experience of the illness. The groups aid their recovery by making them feel normal and reducing the sense of isolation that postnatal depression can bring.

​The charity has been running since 2004 in Surrey, and now also provides a support group in South London. Each group provides creche facilities and both this and the group are free of charge. We get no funding from the NHS or local authorities and rely solely on private donations, grants and fundraising events.

Grant and Funding Advisor

Purpose of role: 

Key purpose of the role is to research financial funding and grant opportunities and submit on behalf of charity. Cedar House is a small charity and we rely on the time given generously by our volunteers, including our trustees. These roles require a positive, active input to the shared responsibility of overall governance and fundraising efforts, vital to keeping the charity going.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Working with the Charity Trustees to ensure all financial grant and funding is thoroughly researched and identified
  • Identify opportunities to apply for additional grants and funding
  • Draft all funding and grant applications for review by Charity Trustees for submission
  • Submit all applications on time and review success/failure and any feedback to assist with further applications.
  • Review and update the charity trustees on any additional information and data we need to collate to increase funding for the charity and its ability to reach local families requiring support.  

Eligibility criteria:            

  •   Must be at least 18 years old
  •   Can volunteer a minimum of 1 per week to assist with funding applications

Key Experience:               

  • Worked in teams of people
  •  Experience of researching
  •  Understanding of financial information
  •  Good communication skills and ability to write grant and funding applications                                                              

If you are interested in supporting Cedar House and you are able to provide some time by volunteering.

Please click on the Fill in an Application button to volunteer or if you wish for further details. 

Mission Statement

The Cedar House Support Group is for women who are experiencing postnatal depression. The group provides a safe and supportive environment where mothers can get together with others who may be feeling similar to themselves. This helps their recovery by normalising feelings and reducing the sense of isolation that postntal depression can bring.