General On-Call Assistant with ERTA(English Regional Transport Association) - posted 13.06.2019

General On-Call Assistant

The English Regional Transport Association (ERTA) is an organisation dedicated to improving public transport, such as railways.

ERTA requires a General On-call Assistant whose duties can include the following:

  • To take on case work
  • Assist on fund-raising and promotion stalls
  • Provide transport
  • Support delegated meetings
  • Undertake research (Internet and Library)
  • Give PowerPoint talks to outside bodies to recruit members
  • Assist gathering stock for our stalls (e.g. second-hand railway magazines/books)
  • Media coverage
  • (General on-call role to assist ERTA and its practical needs)

To find out more about this volunteering role and about ERTA in general, please click on Fill in an Application.


Mission Statement

The English Regional Transport Association(ERTA)is a voluntary membership-based, pro-public transport improvement association with several of its projects having a nation-wide positive benefit and impact. Membership is open to all.