Individuals recovering from stroke with the help of trained volunteers, practise their language and communication skills, rebuild their self-confidence and have fun, in local groups. In term-time TALK has weekly workshops in Guildford, Knaphill, Ashford and Walton-on -Thames.
We are seeking a Chairman to lead our regular committee meetings (every two months), support our two professional staff, the TALK Coordinator and Fundraiser and, from time to time, represent TALK on the public stage.
To find out more about this opportunity please fill in the "Fill in an Application" form and we will be in contact.
For more information about TALK please visit our website

Mission Statement

At TALK, we support people with aphasia by:
  • Enabling you to practise all aspects of communication
  • Familiarising you with strategies to aid conversation
  • Helping you to rebuild confidence and self esteem
  • Encouraging you to become socially independent
  • Providing you with information, advice and ongoing support
  • Helping you to live positively with aphasia following stroke
  • Working closely with local speech therapists, the Stroke Association and other organisations supporting people with aphasia after stroke