Donations of materials and hand tools

Skillway, which operates from the Old Chapels in Deanery Road, Godalming  GU7 2PG, is always in need of good quality remnants, surplus, or redundant materials to use in our woodworking and metalwork shops.

We teach challenged young local people manual skills that can set them up for college courses and work in the Mechanical, engineering and Building construction trades.

Good quality materials are more and more expensive to buy and Skillway runs as economically as it can and is a Registered Charity with many years of successful operation to its name.

We would like donations of  planed timber,    soft or hardwood,  of a size and quantity that would enable tutors to make the same small project with 4 students.

Pieces of timber suitable for turning on a lathe to make small bowls and platters, table legs etc would also be very welcome.

Sheet metal,   mild steel,   copper,  brass  and aluminium would also be very much appreciated.

And  have you got any still servicable hand tools that are no longer needed?  We can always find a good home for them too.