Guildford Mukono Link

Committee Member - Social Media

The Guildford Mukono (Uganda) Link was established in 2003 to foster an understanding between the communities of Guildford and Mukono. It is through friendship that we have found many ways of working together.

We are very keen to find committee members who have a specific interest in social media. The committee in Guildford works as a team and has initiated various projects including:

  •         enabling 500 children to play football every week
  •         giving 40 musical instruments to a music school – which now   has a significant number of eager students
  •          sending 7 students to university
  •          building many classroom and teachers’ houses
  •          initiating environmental projects.

We have an excellent, motivated committee in Mukono who are able to work with us to oversee projects funded by Guildford.

We meet 6 times a year.

The Guildford Mukono Link is a registered charity – number 111106.