We are looking for someone who is interested in Community Fundraising to volunteer with us for a few hours a month to help us get a fundraising project off the ground. 


Equally if you are not able to give us any time but you have relevant experience please get in touch as we would love to receive some consultation on our Community Fundraising Strategy.


Please email to get in touch for more information.

Mission Statement

Change of Scene objectives are to make a life changing difference for disadvantaged children. Our attendees, aged 6-18 years from Surrey & Hampshire display a wide range of complex learning, social, emotional and/or behavioural difficulties causing them to be unable to access learning; many have been excluded from schools, are in short term provision, or are currently not on a school role. We work on a 1:1 basis at our 16 acre small holding in a tranquil South Farnham valley giving the children the vital support and attention they need. The children care for a wide range of animals from reptiles to alpacas. They work in the vegetable patch and polytunnel raising plants and harvesting fruit & veg; they milk the goat and make yoghurt and cheese; they do baking, make jams and chutneys; carpentry; extract & bottle honey; gather wood; repair animal houses, fences & hives; and help around the grounds. It is not a jolly day out. They work really hard in all weathers but they do also have times of rest and play.

The children gain strength through nature and an appreciation that their regular input and care makes a worthwhile contribution. The whole experience engenders calm, self-confidence, a belief in a promising future; that they can create positive outcomes for themselves. These experiences and the learning of new skills translate into the children and young people going back into education with a sense of life purpose.