Cranleigh Village Care


This volunteering opportunity involves taking people in the Cranleigh area to the Health Centre, dentist,  hospital etc. Our clients are typically older people who are unable to drive themselves, people with disabilities or people who for various reasons are unable to travel independently to vital appointments.

No regular weekly commitment is required.  The emphasis is on flexibility.  You decide when you are available and whether you only want to do trips within the Cranleigh area or whether you are willing to go to nearby hospitals such as the Royal Surrey. 

You will need to be friendly, patient and enjoy working with people.  You will need to have your own car and a clean driving licence.

In return, we will cover your petrol expenses and provide support and an induction session.  We practise an Equal Opportunities Policy.

Contact us by clicking the Fill In An Application button if you would like to know more. We look forward to hearing from you.

About Us

                                      Cranleigh Village Care

We are a group of volunteers who have been serving the Cranleigh community for over 20 years. We have provided transport for Cranleigh residents who need our support to attend their medical appointments at local surgeries, clinics and hospitals.

Because of Covid restrictions we have been unable to operate since March 2020.

We would love to be able to relaunch our service for existing and new clients as soon as we can because we know that there are local people who are struggling to get to vital appointments because of a lack of transport.

We do have a core of drivers and duty officers (who deal with telephone requests and arrange the transport) who are keen to get started again but we desperately need to find new volunteers to help coordinate the service and we always need more drivers.