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Branch Treasurer -Guildford -Posted 24.10.2019

Branch treasurer - Guildford


The branch treasurer leads the financial activity of the group


8-10 hours per month including 6 weekly 2-hour daytime committee meetings 


Home-based and at meetings in Shalford and Guildford. 

What does the role involve

Working closely with the branch chair, you would: 

  • accurately record financial activity, keeping the group and the Parkinson's UK Office informed of the group's financial position 
  • keep up to date on Parkinson's UK's financial policies and share them with the group  
  • provide regular reports to the committee on the financial status of the group including final accounts at the annual general meeting 

What you could get out of volunteering

As the branch treasurer, you would have the opportunity to: 

  • do something meaningful for people affected by Parkinson's within your local area  
  • meet new people and make new friends, both in the group and in our local community 
  • learn and develop valuable financial, administrative and communication skills 

What we're looking for and why

We are looking for volunteers who: 

  • have strong numerical and communication skills, as you will be working with a wide range of people and leading the group's finances 
  • be collaborative and team-focused, as you will need to discuss the group's finances with the committee and local staff  
  • are able to make balanced decisions taking into account multiple views in order to meet the needs of local people with Parkinson's.

If you would like to apply or need further information about this role please fill in the on-line application form and we will contact you shortly.