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Become a Trustee - posted 20/10/2020

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We’re a very different kind of care provider. We’re Surrey’s leading charity supporting unpaid carers and their loved ones. Our vision sees supporting all unpaid carers who seek help to be recognised and supported with services to support them. Having vital time away from a care role is essential to allow unpaid carers to look after their own physical and emotional health so they can continue to care. Health & Social Care is evolving. With an ever-increasing ageing population, we will need to work smart, adapting to a new and changing environment to reach more people who need help. It is estimated there are 119,000 unpaid Carers living in Surrey alone. The charity can support 1900 unpaid carers per year and can only reach more carers on a one out, one in basis based on current funding provision (a mix of statutory funding through contracts and traditional fundraising income streams). In a tough economic climate, coupled with Covid-19 this is likely to be increasingly more difficult year on year. We cannot continue to rely on contracted funding through local Government and the NHS. We aim to do this by giving unpaid carers better services through a mix of choices which may include choosing to pay for some services. Growing commercially as a not-for-profit charity will allow us to reach and help more carers waiting. In addition, we will aim to continue to raise awareness and engagement at a local level to build community spirit, recruit volunteers and ambassadors to maximise our fundraising income to reach carers who are unable to pay for their own care. If you’ve had an experience of caring for a loved one, you will know how demanding, but incredibly rewarding caring can be. Most unpaid carers would not recognise themselves as a carer – most preferring to see it as a role they take on as a mother or father, sister or brother, daughter or son because they love the person they care for.

1 in every 4 people take up to five years to understand their role as an unpaid Carer

2 in every 3 people will Care for a loved one in a lifetime.

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Mission Statement

Crossroads Care is Surrey's leading charity providing respite care support to Carers. We've been working across Surrey for over 30 years, with our core purpose being to improve the quality of life of unpaid carers and those they are caring for. 


COVID-19 Emergency Response

As a result of Coronavirus, Crossroads swiftly implemented a response by providing essential shopping and prescription collection services to carers and to other vulnerable people that were isolated at home. We provided regular wellbeing calls to check in on people to see how they were coping and to offer support with shopping. We're now developing a volunteer based Outreach Support and Telephone Befriending with Digital Tech project largely in response to Covid, but which enable us to continue to support people who need it with shopping and prescription collections, and also with support in learning and using digital technology.  We are seeking new volunteers who are interested in providing Outreach Support and / or Telephone or Digital Befriending.


As an Outreach Support Volunteer you would support people living in the same borough as yourself with shopping and prescription collections. We would provide you with appropriate PPE and pay any related fuel costs.  


As a Befriender you would support carers and other older people, or those being cared for, who are feeling isolated and alone and who would benefit from having someone to speak to simply to chat about life, the weather, local services and events etc. We're interested in hearing from volunteers who are relatively IT savvy and would be able to connect to our Cloud based phone system to make telephone or virtual calls to clients. We'd also like volunteers to get involved with an exciting new Befriending with digital tech project, through which you would be able to support people in learning to use, or building confidence in using laptops, smart phones and tablets. Even if you're not computer savvy, but would benefit from being a befriender yourself, please get in touch.


We're also looking for new Trustee's to join us now, so if you're interested in supporting us in leading the development of respite services for carers in Surrey, please enquire through our website


We are also always looking for people that are interested in other volunteering roles, including by offering support in care or club settings, in the community or in the head office.


If you are interested in becoming part of our Surrey wide team and being involved in providing support to your community, please email us at to request a volunteer pack.


We'd love to hear from you... if you have a good understanding of what it's like to be a carer and are looking to give something back through volunteering.