Outline (Woking)

Management Committee Members (Trustees)

Management Committee Members (Trustees)

Outline the Surrey based Sexuality and Gender identity charity (LGBT) support charity is looking for new people to support the smooth operation of the charity. Outline has a history of over 20 years’ experience providing support in Surrey.

Do you identify as Lesbian, Gay Bisexual, Transgender or familiar and supportive of the issues faced by these community groups and have some management skills and experience. You could be exactly what Outline needs.

As a management committee member and registered Trustee, you should have a genuine interest in the leadership of charitable organisations in addition to the causes that Outline supports, namely Sexuality and Gender identity.

Being a small organisation all trustees must be willing to do what is required to ensure the stability and basic services of the charity. There is no such thing as a typical week or day in the life of Outline. Outline is a Charity by Association and is governed by a Constitution and regulated by the charities commission. Below are some examples of areas that a management committee member’s role undertakes:

• To support the management of a small charity.

• Willing to support in every aspect of the management and administration.

• Willing to take the lead on projects and areas as appropriate.

• Reviewing and agreeing documents such as policies, press releases, promotional material

• Speaking up and ensuring that everyone’s voice is heard/ democratic decision making

• Managing volunteers and resolving resourcing challenges.

The role is what you wish to make of it but there are basic charities commissions requirements that we must ensure are met as a group of trustees.

If you have experience in working in a contact centre environment, managing people, delivering health care or mental health services you may already be familiar with some of the activities Outline undertakes. However, it does not matter the background you are from as long as you are willing to do your best and use the skills you have learnt in the workplace in leading and running the charity.

On the job training will be given, an element of background reading on joining is essential to get up to speed with the requirements. Likely time commitment required 4-8 hours per week.

Being a Management committee member for Outline has helped others in the past build confidence, develop new skills, meet new friends, and make a real difference to a number of community groups.

As outline works with vulnerable adults and young people it is necessary to carry out Disclosures and Barring Checks (DBS/criminal records checks) to an enhanced level with is a mandatory requirement of volunteering for Outline.