Stock Support Volunteer

Stock support volunteer

Are you passionate about libraries, love books and enjoy meeting people? Surrey Libraries welcome enthusiastic, organised individuals interested in books and media.

In this role you would support library staff to present the library and its stock in a neat and attractive manner, to enhance the experience of library users. You might also be asked by members of the public to help them find items in the library, or to share your love of reading by recommending books they might enjoy reading.

You could help raise funds for Surrey Libraries by making sure the bookshop or book sales area in the library is well presented and stocked with suitable books. Or if your interests lie more in the digital world, you could help organise our online bookshop.

We might ask you to:

  • Gather, sort and shelve returned items correctly.
  • Tidy shelves, checking items on the shelves are in the correct sequence, are in good condition, and attractively displayed.
  • Look for requested books as directed by staff.
  • Use the online library catalogue to help customers find books.
  • Carry out minor repairs to items such as replacing labels.
  • Sort, prepare, price and display withdrawn items for sale for library or bookshop.
  • Help staff to process resources and circulate items to different libraries using our stock management systems.
  • Arrange attractive book displays to promote specific areas of stock.

To volunteer with us you will need to be:

  • Enthusiastic about the library service, with a passion for helping others.
  • Willing to share skills and ideas.
  • Friendly and approachable.
  • Able to follow procedures and have an eye for detail
  • Physically able to lift a few books at a time.
  • Able to use a computer to search the catalogue and carry out internet research for pricing book sale stock would be an advantage.
  • Flexible and reliable. Some aspects of this role might require a regular time commitment, others just occasional help.

We will give you training, and local staff will provide ongoing support.

Stock support volunteers are currently required at Cranleigh and Haselmere libraries. (Nov 2022)

Mission Statement

Surrey Libraries is a dedicated local government library service; providing information, knowledge, resources, support and entertainment to our local community.