zThe Guildford Society(Made Inactive 21/09/2023

Honorary Treasurer

The Guildford Society seeks to protect Guildford's heritage, both now and in the future.

We need an Honorary Treasurer to fulfil the usual financial requirements of a small charitable organisation with a modest income (mostly from membership fees) and limited financial activities.  You will be required to produce monthly and annual accounts, reports and returns, simple budgets, etcetera.

It would be desirable if you could attend monthly executive meetings, which are held in the evening in central Guildford.

If you are interested in finding out more, then please follow the 'Fill in an application' link on the top right of this page.



Mission Statement

Aims and Objectives

We are a registered charity whose volunteers aim to provide a forum for debate about the issues affecting our town and borough.

1/ We are interested in following issues that affect our town and surrounding area:

  • Conserving the best of Guildford Town, Urban Area, Villages and Countryside
  • Promoting high standards of planning and architecture
  • Influencing the pace and type of development for the future
  • Raising the public awareness on issues related to our Built Environment, Heritage and Future
  • Identifying, integrating and considering matters that impact across the borough e.g. Transport Flows.

2/ Our Scope

  • Geographically we concentrate on Guildford Town and Urban Area but maintain an active interest on major matters affecting the whole of the borough and beyond.
  • We recognise areas in the borough have active and effective local groups whose work we don’t wish to replicate.

3/ We have some key principles:

  • We recognise Guildford and environs will continue to develop and evolve to meet the needs of the population, and this needs to be managed.
  • Guildford should remain a proper town, not just a commuter town for London, so we need to support economic activity, our world class educational facilities, and provide a wide range of public facilities e.g. Theatres, Entertainment Venues, Galleries, Meeting Places, Public Realm etc.
  • The area needs to be ‘competitive’ with other South East areas in the Arc formed by Cambridge – Oxford – Guildford – Redhill - Ashford.
  • Guildford and environs should aspire to be a leader in preserving heritage assets and surrounding countryside whilst enabling vibrant and sensitive development.
  • Environment will be a key consideration including:
  • Measures to encourage modal transport shift, pollution reduction, reduction in traffic congestion.
  • Measures to encourage alternative energy, management/recycling of waste and flood protection.
  • The town and its surroundings need to be better linked in a sustainable manner, including making public transport accessible and attractive.
  • Guildford and environs should be a borough for all and thus should provide affordable accommodation for all age groups.
  • We will actively seek to collaborate with other relevant groups on matters of common interest.