Surrey Remap

Skilled handy person - engineer/carpenter/electronics/IT


Surrey Remap is the local group representing the national charity Remap (

The objective of this charity is to design and make custom equipment for the disabled when such equipment is not available commercially.


A visit to the website will demonstrate that this often involves quite simple devices, modifications to existing equipment, and even some quite complex projects. Remap comprises a very small Head Office and a countrywide network of volunteers, many of whom have an engineering backgound but we also need electronics and computing experts and people skilled with wood. In fact anyone with a talent for making things!


Our panel - Surrey Remap - is in need of some new volunteers, particularly in the Guildford area, although jobs come up all over the county.

So, we're looking for people with a bit of time, some workshop facilities, good handyman skills and a creative and enthusiastic approach to problem solving in order to convert ideas into reality


I've been with the panel for six year, and can attest to the rewarding feeling which can result from being told by a disabled person that "you've changed my life - thank you so much"


If you are interested in this opportunity or would like further details, please click on the “Fill in an application”.