Medical Cadet Training Corps

first aid qualified/trainee Instructor Volunteer wanted Uniformed/None Uniformed


The Medical Cadet Training Corps (MCTC) is based in ash vale,  we are an independent medical training youth organisation for children, We are a very flourishing organisation making a real difference in helping children from all backgrounds to reach there full potential, we train cadets aged 7 to 18 in extensive first aid skills, they attend events and deliver first aid to members of the public,

we are also looking to have a band a corps of drums that displays at local events and parades,

we are also looking in to having a field gun crew a team just like the royal navy field gun team that competes all over the country in competitions, there are over 30 schools and youth organisations that compete in the uk, our cadets would strip down the field gun and carry it over a certain distance with obstacles they then put it back together and complete the race in the fastest time possible against other teams.

We are looking for committed first aid instructors to join our small volunteer team. As a first aid instructor ( we can train you if you are not qualified) , you will help to broaden and strengthen MCTC’s impact, train cadets in extensive first aid, As a first aid instructor you will be responsible for working with cadets, Instructors, Officers and the Commandant to deliver first aid training to cadets of the Corps. you will have opportunities to work with our team in exploring and developing new projects to help children develop in the community.

You will be required to volunteer be committed and attend parade evenings on a monday 18:15hrs to 20:45hrs attend events, day trips and camps if you wish, as we work with children you will have to be committed, vetted and DBS checked done by ourselves at our cost, you will be line managed by an officer so you will have someone to speak to for assistance if needed,

Your main responsibilities will include;

  • Working with the Instructors, Officers and the Commandant, parents, community members to develop MCTC’s syllabus, strategy, long term goals and safeguarding cadets.
  • Nurturing MCTC’s cadets, and developing them to their best potential.
  • Taking lessons as a civilian instructor like first aid, map reading, physical training, academic lessons etc.
  • Taking lessons as a uniformed instructor all military lessons including, fieldcraft, drill, skill at arms, first aid, physical training,etc
  • Contributing to MCTC’s social media and online presence in areas relating to fundraising.
  •  Inducting new cadets and updating all systems and relative databases.
  •  Being a point of contact for parents and cadets.
  •  Attending parade evenings, events and camps.
  •  Helping to recruit staff and new cadets.
  • you must be able to follow orders and be respectfull to all ranks especialy officers, cadets and members of the public at all times

we are also looking for volunteers for the following positions: fundraisers, first aid instructors, book keeper, it specialist, website and database builder, driver, chef, recruter for staff and cadets, premotion specialist, blues and twos qualified trainer, admin staff, qualified first aid instructor with teaching qualifications to teach adults first at work and or Frec level 3, physical training instructors, band masters ie drum, bell lyre, base drum instructors etc for a band that we want to start, committee members are urgently needed: vice chairperson, secretary, treasurer, communications officer to deal with social media accounts, public relations officer, buildings officer, medicaly trained specialist ie doctor, nurse, paramedic etc.


MCTC Mission Statement

The Medical Cadet Training Corps provides an environment where young people can learn, practice, focus, enjoy, feel safe and develop leadership skills in the following subjects, Military knowledge of the field gun, Physical fitness, social skills and extensive first aid training, we are also keen on teaching cadets ethical decision making and providing help to the community. The MCTC is able to reach at-risk young people and offer much needed care and support. For these aspirations to become reality however, it is essential that the MCTC is seen to be firmly rooted within the life of the wider community, and supported by all organisations, businesses, charities, schools, the local authority and anyone that is there to support children in our community, and that wherever possible, young people are provided with the opportunity to participate in the life of that community. Through the programmes, activities and ethos of the MCTC, the officers and instructors guide and support young people and act as mentors and role models in their personal, social and physical development. The programmes that the MCTC provides will create opportunity for the young people to develop into mature and responsible adults who will play an important role within their communities and wider society.


I Clarke (MCTC CEO and Commandant)