Homes for Farnham

Social Media Volunteer needed for our Community Led Housing Initiative - posted 11/2/2021


We are a newly established Community Led Housing initiative in Farnham and are about to launch our website


We are looking for a volunteer, preferably from Farnham, who would look after the social media promotion of our initiative and current projects. 


We have two Facebook pages at the moment and would like to open Twitter and Instagram accounts.


Currently we are running a Housing Need Survey which requires digital marketing in the Farnham area.


Ideally, we would like a volunteer who's heart is in the project to create genuinely affordable homes for those who are being squeezed out of the local housing market.


A digitally intuitive Millennial with housing issues would be perfect!


To find out more, click on the "Fill in an Application" button and I will get back to you.


Rob Simpson