Video maker and Editor

We are looking for someone with video making and editing experience who may be able to help us put something together to celebrate our 20th Anniversary year.


Mission Statement

Skillway trains young people in manual craft skills to give them a better future with ongoing employment opportunities. 


Skillway is based in the Old Chapels in Deanery Road, Godalming.  The young people are usually aged 14 to 16 or 17.  They come for one day per week, on recommendation of their school.

We have an excellent employed Workshop Manager and two employed tutors, but most skills are taught by volunteers who have specific craft skills, aided by other volunteers who can give skilled and/or pastoral support.

The main skills offered are Woodworking,   Metalwork & basic engineering,   Practical motor mechanics,  stone carving,   creative arts including jewellery making and working with glass.