Emerge Advocacy

Trustee - Funding Specialist

Emerge is a Christian based charity that supports young people who are struggling with self-harm or feeling suicidal and have found themselves at A&E in Guildford as a result.  We are youth workers who will be there for young people in crisis late in the evening and also during (often intense) multi-disciplinary professionals meeting during the day.  

We make tea, help people breathe through panic attacks, make mind maps and listen, listen, listen.  

We seek to be a voice of hope, even in the bleakest of situations.

We are looking for a trustee who has experience of writing funding applications and a passion to help us develop strategically in line with our vision.  

Perhaps you have a gift for spotting opportunities, you are a keen problem solver or love to fill in a good form every now and then?!  Have you had experience with helping groups find funding in the past?  Or do you just have a feeling you would be great at it given half a chance and a cause you believe in?!

If so then we'd love to hear from you!