Challengers (Guildford)

Play Volunteer - Guildford

What will I be doing?

  • Providing fun and engaging activities whilst ensuring the safeguarding of children and young people in our care
  • Supporting the disabled children and young people attending our schemes – this may include emotional wellbeing or physical support, as well as some aspects of personal care
  • Being part of a dynamic and supportive team collaborating together
  • Setting up, helping with running and tidying up activities and the scheme
  • Supporting the children and young people with accessing and participating in the activities
  • Ensuring high levels of health and safety are adhered to at all times
  • But most importantly, having fun with the children and young people!

What skills will I develop for my CV?

  • LISTENING – You’ll learn to listen to our children and young people as they lead you in play
  • TEAM WORK – You’ll learn how to work as part of a team to provide the best service possible
  • CREATIVITY – You’ll be able to use your creative skills to develop a range of activities
  • PROBLEM SOLVING – You’ll learn what to do if things don’t go as planned and how to stay positive
  • SAFE GUARDING – You’ll learn the steps we take in order to provide a safe and inclusive service

What skills do I need?

  • Be WELCOMING, caring, and have lots of energy!
  • Be MOTIVATED and willing to learn new skills in order to support children and young people
  • Be READY to complete the required online training and attend a face-to-face safeguarding session before starting on scheme
  • Be ORGANISED when responding to communication, be reliable, punctual, flexible, and prompt
  • Be COMMITTED because it’s important that our volunteers commit their time on a regular basis to ensure it’s beneficial to the children and young people attending our services and the teams running them. We therefore ask for a minimum commitment of: 1 or 2 Saturdays per month for a reasonable period of 3-6 months, or 3 days per week if volunteering during holidays only

What else do I need to know?

  • You’ll need to complete our ONLINE APPLICATION FORM and provide details of TWO REFEREES, who can provide a REFERENCE for you 
  • You’ll need to attend a RECRUITMENT EVENING. We tend to run these fortnightly out of our Guildford and Farnham sites, if we have a lot of applicants in a particular area, we’ll organise extra ones! These consist of a short chat, a written task and a play task – just so we can get a feel of what you’ll be like on scheme! If you’re 16 or over, you’ll also have to complete a DBS APPLICATION.

Applications from students (aged 15 and over) undertaking their Duke of Edinburgh Award would be most welcome.

What’s next?

We are pleased you are interested in joining us! If you hit APPLY we will contact you soon and provide details of our process and how to apply :-) We really hope you do!!