Read Easy West Surrey and North East Hampshire

Reading coach

Read Easy UK is a registered charity that works through affiliated local groups to provide one-to-one reading coaching to adults, using trained volunteers. By enabling people to tackle their reading difficulties, Read Easy also allows each individual to grow in confidence and self-esteem, become more independent, move on to other forms of education if they wish, and improve their employment opportunities. Each affiliated Read Easy group is run entirely by volunteers and aims to provide interesting and rewarding opportunities to all involved to help change lives for the better.

Reading coaches meet with their reader twice a week, for 30 minutes each time in a public venue like a library. 


  • The ability to talk and listen to the person you coach in a patient, positive, encouraging and purposeful way.
  • An ability to work alone, seeking support when necessary.
  • Reliable and consistent.
  • A commitment to maintaining confidentiality.
  • The ability and confidence to work on a computer and access documents online, or the willingness to learn to do so.