Pin badge box volunteer

The places that nature calls home are being polluted, exploited and destroyed.  Of the 6,000 UK species surveyed recently, more than 1 in 10 are under threat of disappearing from our shores altogether.
In the words of Sir David Attenborough, “The Future of Nature lies with you.”

Consider this:
•Turtle doves have declined by 93% since 1970
•Hedgehogs have declined by around a third since the millennium
•The small tortoiseshell butterfly has declined in abundance by 77% in the last ten years

The RSPB needs money to help our slithering, scampering, scuttling friends. By looking after 5 or more pin badge boxes in your local area, you could be bringing in more than £1000 per year for our threatened wildlife.

Have you thought, “This makes me sad but what can I do?” We have the answer! This is a simple, flexible and effective way of bringing funds. It requires only around 1-2 hours per month of your time and allows you, with our support, to spread the word about our work and campaigns.

Please contact us if the following sounds like you:
•a personable and confident approach
•good local knowledge and contacts
•high motivation and the initiative to work on your own.
•Flexible, organised and enthusiastic
You will need to be able to visit your sites every four weeks in order to collect and pay in all donations raised, as well as replenishing your boxes.

Please click on the 'application' for more information or if you would like to apply



(Ash, Cranleigh, Farnham, Godalming, Guildford, Haslemere)