Ash & Ash Vale Community Street Team

Get involved with the Community Street Team

We all say “what a lovely community Ash & Ash Vale are” – very true! Would you like to help our wonderful Community?  Just an hour or so when needed, helping at Community events in Ash and Ash Vale such as the Village Fete in June, the Youth Centre (hopefully opening soon), Lakeside Nature Fun Day, Remembrance Day and Fantasia.


For 12 years the Community Street Team have concentrated on engaging with local youngsters between 10 – 16 years to address local anti-social issues.  We have engaged with the youth, listen to them and try to suggest alternative routes for their lifestyle.


As a result of Anti Social Behaviour having been downgraded successfully, we are now planning to “morph” into a more Community focussed group with some volunteers continuing “Outings” but now some members also giving greater assistance at local events i.e Village Fete, Lakeside Nature Even, Remembrance Day Parades and Christmas Fantasia.


To find out more, click on the "Fill in an Application" box and Pat will get back to you to arrange a time for a chat.

Mission Statement

We aim to build inter-generational bridges. by engaging with particularly young people.  We offer hot/cold drinks (depending on the time of the year!), and biscuits.  We are easily recognised by our distinctive uniform and logo.