Surrey Drug and Alcohol Care Helpline

Treasurer Trustee - Posted 11/4/2022

Job title:  Treasurer Trustee
Responsible to:  Surrey Drug and Alcohol Care (SDAC) trustees
Time Commitment: 8-10 board meetings per year
                               6-8 finance working group meetings per year
                              Yearly AGM
                               As required to oversee charity financial management
                               Liaise with Bookkeeper monthly or as required
Overall Purpose:  Act as Finance Lead for SDAC and to guide and advise the Board on the charity’s financial health and performance. Ensure compliance with Charity Commission and Companies House regulations and obligations.
Main duties and responsibilities:
• Guide and advise the board on its financial duties and responsibilities, production of budgets, accounts and financial statements
• Ensure compliance with statutory financial and charity regulations as they relate to financial matters
• Revise and draft financial policies for approval by the board
• Ensure effective financial management systems are in place
• Oversee the accuracy of the monthly financial and management accounts
• Oversee payments of invoices and expenses
• Oversee accounting policies and procedures and key internal financial controls
• Liaise with SDAC’s accountants over production of the annual financial accounts
• Ensure the timely filing of the financial statements and maintain the Company’s register with Companies House
• Preparing reports for the board
• Guide and advise the Chair and Board on financial matters
Person Specification
• Experience of accounts and accounting
• Understanding of charity finance, including “statement of recommended practice” (SORP)
• Understanding of fundraising and allocating income such as grants, donations and gifts appropriately
• Qualified accountant preferred
• Good communication skills and ability to work as part of a team
• UK resident with ease of access to Surrey for meetings

Mission Statement

Surrey Drug & Alcohol Care is a registered charity which has been set up as a result of a need in the county of Surrey for a confidential Freephone help line for substance misusers and those with mild to moderate mental health problems, their families, friends and colleagues, aiming to make a difference to their lives. Trained volunteers respond to the distress caused by substance misuse or mental health on a high quality help line that is accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, emphasising empowerment and self-help.


  • To provide information about county and countrywide resources and support to persons and organisations helping people experiencing the effects of substance misuse.
  • To promote mental health well being county-wide.
  • To promote, liaise and exchange information with relevant agencies both within the Surrey area and outside.
  • To raise public awareness of the continuing impact of substance misuse.
  • To advance the education of the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol amongst those young students in full time education in Surrey and professional groups.
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