Leukaemia Care

Volunteer Community Fundraisers

Whether you could spare minutes or hours, days or weeks, you could make a meaningful difference to the lives of people affected by blood cancer. Make time matter and join our team as a volunteer.

We need people across the country to volunteer as Community Fundraisers for us - be an ambassador for Leukaemia Care!

This very flexible role can involve as much or as little time as you have and can fit around your daily responsibilities. The positions available vary too:


- Be a tin hero!- If you’ve got a few spare hours each month and a few local shops nearby, you could become a collecting hero and help raise money in the community for Leukaemia CARE. Adopt one (or a few!) of our collecting tins, see if your local shops will place them by their till points and wait for them to be filled! Each collecting tin can hold around £25 – so you could raise £100 just by taking four of our tins.

- Raise awareness- Talk to your friends and family, local businesses and schools, community groups about the work of Leukaemia Care as a charity and Leukaemia as a serious illness to be aware of.

- Recycle! Recycling is incredibly easy, doesn’t require any planning and when combined in a group effort amongst friends, family and work colleagues, can have the opportunity to raise a lot of money and help us raise awareness of blood cancers. We need people to collect used stamps, inkjet cartridges, old mobile phones and foreign currency.

- Represent us!- Be a contact for us out in the your community- organise a collection at your local supermarket on our behalf, represent us at an event by receiving a cheque on our behalf for example, recruit other volunteers for us in your area and support them, sell our christmas cards and merchandise for us to your community, help us by volunteering with us at our sporting and other events...the list is endless!


This is an incredibly flexible opportunity suitable for a wide variety of ages and abilities. As long as you have the passion to support Leukaemia Care and a friendly, positive attitude we would love to hear from you! Specific roles require confidence to speak in front of a group raising awareness for example, others the confidence to place and monitor our collection tins, and others a personable, friendly attitude is all you need. We welcome applications from age 16+ and all over the country.

The role can be done in your local area so there is very minimal travelling, hence we do not cover volunteer expenses. A personable, friendly attitude and a link to Leukaemia Care is all you need.

Mission Statement

Improving lives through earlier diagnosis, access to effective treatments, information and support