Big Leaf Foundation

1-2-1 ESOL Volunteers (Online)

We’re looking for Volunteer ESOL teachers to join our team, delivering engaging 1-2-1 lessons for displaced young people. We need people with experience teaching ESOL at different levels, who can motivate and inspire the young people, encouraging them to learn English.


  • Deliver an online 1-2-1 ESOL session for a displaced young person (aged 16-21). 
  • Motivate and inspire the young people we support to actively engage in the activities/opportunities available to them. ​
  • Ensure the health and safety of participants at all times. 
  • Record any incidents, accidents or safeguarding issues and make sure the trustees are informed. 
  • Provide feedback and contribute to project evaluations as required. 
  • Read, understand and agree to Big Leaf Foundation’s child protection & safeguarding policy.
  • Liaise with other members of the Big Leaf Foundation team as needed to fulfil the role. 

The full role description can be seen on our website. Please fill in the application form.

Mission Statement

Big Leaf Foundation is a small charity working with displaced young people in Surrey. Our aim is to provide a nurturing programme of activities, projects and events that focus on combating social isolation and improving wellbeing for the young people we support.

The experience of arriving in a new country is, for many young people, overwhelming and incredibly difficult. They are often cut off from everything that is familiar to them, leaving them vulnerable to loneliness, isolation, anxiety and boredom. Our founders saw an opportunity to change their situation and help them feel a sense of inclusion within a network of their peers and the wider community. We want to engage the young people we work with to be excited about the opportunities available to them, and to value their unique talents and abilities so that they can rediscover their potential and move forward with renewed optimism.

We want to support and empower these young people to know that they are more than the status they have been given and help them find their place within their local community