Trustee - Treasurer - Posted 1st December 2022

Main Responsibilities of Treasurer

• To guide and advise fellow Trustees on the Board on the approval of budgets, accounts and financial statements and to assure the Charity Board of the organisation’s financial integrity.

• To advise on the financial implications of the organisation’s strategic plans and key assumptions in the operational plan and budget.

• To provide assurance that the financial resources of the organisation meet its present and future needs and to have an appropriate reserves policy.

• To ensure there is an appropriate investment policy and that there is no conflict between the organisation’s aims and values and the investments held.

• To monitor the effectiveness of the system of internal financial controls.

• To work in close co-operation with the Head of Finance and Support Services and finance staff to provide advice and support when necessary.

• To examine management accounts and budgets and provide reports to the Charity Board on a regular basis.

• To meet the external auditors at the beginning and end of the audit and to discuss their annual management letter with the Charity Board.

• To assist in the recruitment of finance staff and the selection of external auditors, bankers etc.

• To ensure statutory accounts are properly filed with the appropriate authorities and annual returns are submitted promptly.

Main Responsibilities – General

• To attend Board meetings and other meetings as necessary.

• To ensure that the organisation complies with its governing document, charity law, company law and relevant legislation.

• To ensure that the organisation pursues its objects as defined in its governing document.

• To ensure that the organisation applies its resources exclusively in pursuance of its objects.

• To contribute actively to the Board of Trustees role in giving firm strategic direction to the organisation, setting overall policy, defining goals and setting targets and evaluating performance against agreed targets. 

• To safeguard the reputation and values of the organisation.

• To ensure the financial stability of the organisation.

• To protect and manage the property of the Charity and to ensure the proper investment of the Charity’s funds.

• To be willing to sit on Board Committees as requested. Person Specification

• Accountancy qualifications and experience.

• Experience of charity finance desirable.

• The skills to analyse proposals and examine their financial consequences.

• A preparedness to make unpopular recommendations to the Board.

• A willingness to devote the necessary time and effort.

• Ability to think strategically.

• An ability to make decisions as part of a team but be willing to challenge.

• An understanding and acceptance of the legal duties, responsibilities and liabilities of trusteeship.

• An ability to work effectively as a member of a team.

• A willingness to support the staff team as appropriate.

November 2022

Mission Statement

Age UK Surrey aims to:

  • promote the wellbeing of older people in Surrey
  • improve public awareness of issues concerning ageing
  • influence public policy to meet the needs of older people
  • work with other agencies in the provision of relevant services for older people

If you have the time - however little - there are so many ways in which you can help.

The rewards are great.  You will use your skills, meet new people, have fun and find it very, very rewarding.  You can be sure that the time you give is making a positive difference to older people in the community.