Busbridge & Hambledon Befriending Scheme

Become a befriender to an isolated person- Busbridge and Hambledon Parish only

As a volunteer, your role is to provide friendship and company to an older person who may be feeling isolated or alone within the parish of Busbridge and Hambledon.

You will not be acting as someone’s personal shopper or weekly gardener, but as a friend / companion. This could involve going for coffee, doing some baking together, or even just having a chat!

You will be required to visit your befriender for around an hour per week / per fortnight. Days and times will be organised during the pairing process. 

All applicants must be over 18 and are subject to a DBS check - for both your safety and your befriendees!


Mission Statement

We are a local befriending service connecting volunteers with isolated people for friendship and support in the Busbridge and Hambledon areas. 

Loneliness and social isolation has become a huge problem in our nation and on a local level. It can affect people of all ages but perhaps the most vulnerable are our ageing population who may have:

  • Problems getting out of the house due to poor mobility
  • Health concerns meaning they need more help
  • Family who may have moved away, or work full-time
  • Loved ones who may have died

Through the Befriending Network we hope that you as volunteers can help us achieve our aim of tackling this issue through friendship, support and social activities with your befriender on a weekly or fortnightly basis.