Wood workshop helper - Wednesdays

What do we need?

Our small team are looking for people who enjoy working with wood and like to encourage others! We need one Volunteer each day (Mon-Thurs) – currently we have a space on Wednesdays. As a Christian based charity, we ask that you share our values of hope, forgiveness and valuing everyone.

Where are we?

We operate from our workshop on the side of St Peters Shared Church in north Guildford (GU1 1NP). We’re easily accessible by bus (bus cost reimbursed with prior agreement).

What’s the timing?

This is an ongoing role that requires committing one day per week: 9am - 2.45pm (i.e. within school hours).

What we do:

We aim to provide individuals aged 25 to 65 in the Guildford and Woking areas who have been unemployed long-term with the skills needed to move on into sustainable employment, promoting social inclusion.

We operate a supportive workshop environment where participants can make high quality products out of recycled wood, some of which will then be sold towards funding the charity.

Participants attend one day a week on a 7 week taster course before being able to continue for a further 18 weeks. Hand and machine skills are taught, along with generic work skills, all of which are recorded in individuals’ portfolios to show progress and be of clear use to a future employer.

After the 25 weeks, Participants are referred to the Voluntary Action centre in Guildford who will facilitate a Voluntary role in which skills can be further developed and confidence maintained. From this point, it is expected that individuals will either sustain Voluntary work or move into paid employment.

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Your role:

You will be working alongside the Programme Manager helping up to 3 Participants, each of whom may have been unemployed long-term for a variety of reasons. You will need to have a positive approach towards work and the patience and willingness to work alongside individuals of mixed woodskills abilities (though desiring to learn).

You will be guiding Participants in making a variety of gifts and pieces for the home, e.g. chopping boards, candle holders, clocks, door wedges. These will be made from reused wood which will need preparing for use first, e.g. sawing to size and planing previous finishes off.

You will need to show good regard for Health and Safety and be willing to learn new skills where necessary. Additional training for the woodworking machines will be provided.

Volunteers should be aware that some of our Participants are more vulnerable than others. ReSkilled has Safeguarding practices and policies in place to ensure appropriate care and safety for everyone, at all times.

Please also see the website FAQs: FAQs - ReSkilled

Sept 2022

Mission Statement

ReSkilled is a Christian charity based in Guildford who aim to reduce social isolation and give people back self-esteem, choices and hope by enabling them to rediscover the fulfilment and benefits of being in employment.

We do this using a wood workshop to raise individuals' confidence and teach general work skills, then encouraging Participants to enter into Voluntary work with the purpose of entering sustainable employment.

We work with people aged 25 to retirement age who are have been unemployed for over a year; particularly those who have been homeless. It's also for people who may have been made redundant, perhaps been caring for someone long-term, suffered long-term health difficulties - mental or physical, or may be recovering from alcohol or substance abuse.