National Justice and Peace Network (Wonersh)

Database Volunteer

Your role would be to work with us to develop our Microsoft Access 2010® database so that we can continue to enhance our ability to communicate with our membership and others who make enquiries, keep records of their contact details, activities, donations and subscriptions, and manage registrations and responses at the various meetings and conferences that occur each year.

Initially you would liaise with me, a Guildford-based volunteer trustee of the Charity, for an introductory briefing and demonstration of the existing system.  Subsequently I envisage us, including our Administrator whose office space is in London, agreeing changes which will enhance our system, which you would be required to implement , working on a copy of the db entrusted to you. (This currently covers 1400 names and 20 meetings).

NJPN is a charitable company limited by guarantee working with a deeply committed group of activists in varied fields as outlined in our Aims, below, , all from a basis of our understanding of our Christian faith and its mission in the world for the benefit of the common good, as exemplified by the life and teachings of Jesus in the Gospels.

As a most valued Assistant in our work, you would be expected to be sympathetic to our aims whether you are a person of faith or not.  NJPN is open to all who respect its aims so you would be welcome, but not expected, to explore how much further you want to develop your relationship with us.

Our Charitable Aims are at the link below: