Voluntary Action South West Surrey

Community Point Connector & Volunteer Adviser - FRIDAYS

Purpose of Post:          To provide information to the general public about what is happening in their local communities and to help them connect to activities. These activities may include volunteering.


                                    To maintain good relations with all organisations involved including referring agencies and those who will provide the service or activity.


To maintain good relations with volunteer-involving organisations about their volunteer needs.


To update organisational details as necessary.


This role will be fully supported by the Volunteer Centre Manager and Community Point Coordinator.


Key Duties and Tasks:


Community Point


  1. Interview members of the public either over the telephone or in person to help them to find out information about local services or opportunities provided in their area.  This initial interview will include exploring with them what they would like to do, what is manageable for them, identifying activities and helping connect the person to them. 


Some members of the public will just need simple signposting but others may need appointments made for them or even someone to accompany them on their first outings (which would be met by the CP Accompanier role).  Some clients may need to try several activities before finding something that suits them.


  1. Alongside the CP Information Officer/s, research the range of services and activities within an area for customers using a variety of information points including the VASWS database, Surrey Information Point, Interestsme, Joining In directories, borough councils, parish newsletters, magazines, village halls, and Community Walk, This research will also require speaking to other volunteer CP connectors and/or members of staff within VASWS who have a particular knowledge of an area.


  1. Update information on activities and services across Guildford and Waverley when necessary.


  1. Respond to email, telephone and website enquiries that come into Community Point.


  1. Complete administrative tasks associated with the smooth running of Community

Point.  This will include ensuring data is logged appropriately. Volunteers will also be asked to flag any gaps in provision (especially in cases where a suitable service or activity cannot be found) and flag any possible future case studies.


  1. To complete a risk assessment with a client to pass on to the Community Point Accompanier if the client requires accompaniment to the service or activity on a short term basis.


  1. To update the referrer (if appropriate) with the outcome of the enquiry.


Volunteer Adviser


  1. If the client expresses an interest in volunteering, aid them in finding a suitable opportunity, or opportunities, by explaining the volunteer role and the nature of the work undertaken by the volunteer-involving organisation.


  1. Operate our data management system and help organisations to input their data or advise them on their roles. This may include making visits to the organisation or assisting organisations when they visit the centre.


  1. To update volunteering opportunities and organisational details when necessary.


  1. Respond to email and telephone enquires regarding volunteering.


  1. To complete administrative tasks associated with the smooth running of the Volunteer Centre. This may include writing letters, distributing promotional materials and inputting data on the database.




  1. Assist with the promotion of Community Point and volunteering to the community at all times. This may include helping to compose press releases, producing and distributing flyers or leaflets.


  1. To maintain the confidentiality of all our clients.