County Ambassador (Posted 13/03/2023)

The County Ambassador will assist our Volunteering Coordinator by proactively looking for opportunities to promote the mission and expand awareness of our work. This can be through speaking engagements, which can be in Church groups, Rotary groups, WI, U3A, retirement and community groups or local shows and events. 
We would also like you to support our other remote working volunteers, as it can be lonely working as a Tool Ambassador, Community Ambassador, or Champion with little personal contact with TWAM. This role can offer a vital and comforting link for everyone involved. This is a great role for someone with drive, initiative, and passion who wants to use those qualities to transform lives.
What will you be doing?
The County Ambassador will work with our Volunteering Coordinator to:
• Support our team of local volunteers (the people who collect tools, speak on our behalf and represent us in churches and community groups)
• Recruit new volunteers
• Promote our work locally
• Help organise and run local events
• Identify potential collection points or opportunities to establish local groups
• Represent TWAM where opportunities arise 
Volunteer benefits
You will receive resources from us including:
1. Volunteer speaker pack (updated biannually)
2. A selection of leaflets 3. Details of all your local volunteers 4. Details of local supporting churches and groups 5. Expenses guidelines and reimbursement 6. The provision of equipment including projector and screen, pull up banners, business cards and ID Card

Please click on the "fill in an application" button and we will contact to arrange a chat to tell you more about the role.

We look forward to hearing from you!