Cherry Trees (East Clandon)

Volunteer Co-ordinator with Cherry Trees- posted 22.08.2019

We are looking for a volunteer to manage the process for new volunteers, making sure we have all the necessary documentation in place, maintaining regular communication with volunteers and ensuring their time and support is thanked appropriately.

Key Tasks:

Supporting the recruitment of new volunteers including drivers, events assistance, office helpers, mascot aids.

Ensure recruitment procedure for volunteers are completed from start to finish, ensuring confidentiality and an efficient approach.

Providing all the necessary information at the start of volunteering (volunteer pack)

Keeping records up to date

Advise line managers when birthdays, and reviews are due

 Assist the Events Manager with recruiting and organise volunteers for events

Help organise the volunteers tea as part of National Volunteers Week

Keep volunteers informed (volunteer update) (newsletter and email)

Recognition gift after a period of time

Flexible working to suit but once a week, office based for a morning or afternoon.

Essential skills:

•  Good administrative skills

•  Good with Microsoft packages such as excel, word etc

• Database use desirable but training given

• Good communication skills

If you would like to apply for this role or like further information please contact us by filling in an Application form.




Mission Statement

Our Vision


Cherry Trees aims to be a model of excellence in respite care for children and young adults with physical and mental disabilities.

Cherry Trees aims to provide a high quality service of respite care to children in a relaxed and caring setting.

 We believe that every child is an individual with the right to enjoy a normal pattern of life within the community, appropriate to his/her age.

 Although we support individual learning programmes for each child and follow through with all programmes that are being implemented at home or school, we do not provide a structured educational system as we believe we are a “home from home” where children can relax and play.

 We advocate respect, dignity, freedom of choice and privacy for each child.  We believe in the principle of  Child First, Disability Second.

 We respect and acknowledge the role of parents/carers and the challenges they face in nurturing the potential in the child or young adult in their care.