MS Society Surrey Group

Finance Volunteer, Surrey Group

Why we need you

We’re the MS Society – a community of people living with MS, scientists, campaigners, listeners, organisers, ambassadors and fundraisers. Our volunteers are a key part of achieving our goals and their support is vital. 

What the role involves

This role may vary depending on needs, but is likely to include:

Accurately maintaining income and expenditure records to document and report on group finances using our Online Accounting system 

Offering objectivity and ensuring money is spent in a cost effective manner 

Approving income and expenditure with the other group bank account signatories

Ensuring that our financial requirements and policies relating to group finances are followed

Supporting the group’s shared responsibility for designing and delivering services and activities in line with our Quality Standards so that they are safe, effective and impactful

We can support you to develop the skills you need for this role, including an induction into all the areas outlined. You will have a chance to discuss your role and any additional needs with us.

What you need for this role


Comfortable using the internet and email 

Experience in bookkeeping, budgeting and planning income and expenditure 

Able to apply disability, equality and inclusion practices 

Able to keep people’s personal data safe


Committed to our values 

Able to explain financial information to other group members in ways that are easily understood 

Stay up to date with external and internal policies and procedures

Willing to develop skills and experience

Our commitment 

Offer you a role that fits with your life

Help you learn your role and support you to learn as you go 

Reimburse your out of pocket expenses 

Listen to your feedback and welcome your ideas 

Value your personal contribution 

Keep you connected and up to date 

Thank you for the impact you deliver

Your commitment

Respect the boundaries of your role and our Code of Conduct 

Complete the necessary learning pathway for your role

Express your ideas 

Recognise the limits of your experience and expertise 

Stay connected and up to date 

Interested? Please click 'Application form' tab and complete the short form & we will contact you to discuss the role further, with no obligation.