Green Hub Project for Teens

Garden Leaders and Garden Assistants - added 20.04.2022

Getting teens working in the Green Hub Garden is fundamental to the project. Each group of six teens sign up for an initial six-week commitment, although we hope they will continue long after and become part of the Green Hub Community, helping and supporting other teens.
At their sessions, teens are supported by garden enthusiast adult volunteers. Sessions are led by a garden leader, who needs to have a good knowledge of horticulture, and supported by one or two adult garden assistants, who need to be ken gardeners.
The adult garden team members are not expected to counsel or advise teens but, in providing a safe, low-stress environment with a focus on nature and group purpose, we hope that teens will naturally open up, chat with each other and find support in our community. That said, you’ll definitely need to have a real interest in young people, as well as loads of empathy.
The sessions are currently on Saturday morning, although you aren’t asked to attend every Saturday; we have a team, meaning that you are asked to commit to approx. one per month. However, as a general principle, Saturday morning availability is key at the present time. The role will therefore involve running one to two Saturday morning sessions in the garden each month.
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Godalming, Milford

Mission Statement

The Green Hub Project for Teens is a local community project serving Surrey & Hampshire and surrounding areas. It supports young people (11-18) facing social, emotional and mental health challenges, along with their families and carers. In addition, Green Hub works to promote awareness and understanding of mental health and emotional wellbeing for young people in the broader community.

Green Hub’s purpose is to achieve positive, measurable outcomes for teen mental health, including self-love, active lifestyles, social interaction and inclusion, as well as the development and application of a range of learned skills. Green Hub achieves this through its Teen Garden  social prescribing programme, talks and support groups within the local community, along with sharing useful information via the website.