Farnham Neighbours' Network

Befriending & Buddying - Help to Support your Neighbours - posted 26/4/21

Graphic of three houses overlapping with the words Farnham Neighbours Network

Farnham Neighbours’ Network, a befriending and buddying initiative, is actively seeking new volunteers interested in supporting their neighbours.


The network provides practical support e.g. gardening, help with technology, as well as befriending through phone calls, in person visits or going for walks together.


We are having a high demand for social calls and people willing to go on walks with a neighbour and would love to talk to anyone interested in helping.


Volunteers are connected with one other person who lives close by to encourage neighbourliness. There is flexibility around the amount of time anyone gives and a Coordinator to ensure the wellbeing of all those involved.


We are pairing neighbours based on three areas: proximity, interests or the support they are looking for or happy to give. We want to pair people who live close by to foster neighbourliness in the town and help people to better know those who live around them. When you know the person supporting you is only down the road you can feel better connected to the community as a whole. With pairings it will not always be possible to meet all three of these criteria, but as far as possible will aim to meet at least two.


All volunteers are DBS checked and provided with safeguarding training, and additional support to ensure the safety of all involved.


We closely monitor government guidance on staying covid-secure and encourage relationships to adapt where necessary in order to stay compliant and safe.