Woodwork tutors

Skillway needs some more volunteers skilled in woodworking who would be happy to shadow or to support a class in the first instance, and then eventually be happy to lead one or more sessions a week.

We operate in school terms only but can be flexible about volunteers who want to go away during term time.

Young people who come to us are taught all the basic skills needed to work with wood and as they progress they will be offered a wide range of projects to undertake and which will demonstrate their skills. Good quality results are required from the students and some will progress to our masterclass and go on to local Colleges.

We operate with very small groups and there is always another volunteer or tutor to help with the pastoral support and mentoring, as the students can sometimes be challenging.  The volunteers role is as much to support the complex needs of the students as to teach them the manual skills.  Our students are in need of achieving a Can Do attitude instead of a "why bother, what's the point, I can't" one. That said, the satisfaction that is gained by seeing these young people turn around their lives, and go on to College placements and the world of work instead of the world of benefits and trouble, is a huge reward.  The volunteers are a very happy team and we have a few social times together for those that wish it.

The practicalities:

Session times are 9.30 to 12 noon   and 12.30  to 2.30  Monday to Friday. There is a need to set up for a few minutes before hand  and to complete student log books and clear up afterwards.  Half a day per week would be the minimum we would ask from a Volunteer.

Travel expenses may be paid on request.

The workshops are in the Deanery Road Old Chapels at GU7 2PG.  The shops can be a bit cold in the winter but we do have good quartz heaters !

All volunteers should know that we are required to carry out a Disclosure and Barring Service check on every volunteer and also seek a Reference.  A starter pack of helpful guidance is given out and a full induction period until the volunteer is confortable. 


Mission Statement

Skillway trains young people in manual craft skills to give them a better future with ongoing employment opportunities. 


Skillway is based in the Old Chapels in Deanery Road, Godalming.  The young people are usually aged 14 to 16 or 17.  They come for one day per week, on recommendation of their school.

We have an excellent employed Workshop Manager and two employed tutors, but most skills are taught by volunteers who have specific craft skills, aided by other volunteers who can give skilled and/or pastoral support.

The main skills offered are Woodworking,   Metalwork & basic engineering,   Practical motor mechanics,  stone carving,   creative arts including jewellery making and working with glass.