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Guide Dogs Speaker

Do you enjoy talking to people? Maybe you like in delivering information to interested individuals? Could you see yourself speaking to a small group of people about the work of a life changing charity?

Guide Dogs are looking for people who would be interested in learning more about our work and to train to become volunteer Speakers for our local mobility team. This role is vital in helping to spread the message about the services we provide and how a guide dog can change a person’s life.

Speakers have the ability to enthuse and encourage others to become involved with our charity either through volunteering themselves, fundraising or perhaps applying for one of our services.

 This role is very flexible - the time commitment for this role is determined by you, this can be as little as one or two talks a year, right up to a weekly talk if you choose.

Talks can be as short as 10 minutes, or up to an hour, depending on the group. Some take place during the day, others in the evening.

Talks can be arranged by yourself if you have contacts in your local community, perhaps through schools, uniformed groups or maybe a social club; or we can send you requests that have come to the mobility team from people wanting a Speaker.

Volunteers in this role will need to attend a half day training workshop aimed at providing the skills needed to confidently give talks as well as accurate information about Guide Dogs. This training takes place quarterly at the Reading Mobility Team.

Come join us and become an ambassador for Guide Dogs! 


Mission Statement

Our Purpose: To provide life-changing services for the independence of people living with sight loss and their friends and family.

Our Ambition: A future where every person with sight loss has the confidence and support to live their lives to the fullest.

Our Behaviours:

We are




so we can:


Lead by example