Surrey Libraries

Rhymetime volunteer

Rhymetime sessions are aimed at babies and toddlers, along with their parents and carers. The events are based entirely on sharing nursery rhymes, action songs and percussion music. It's fun, interactive and noisy!

Rhymetime Volunteer to help with following tasks

  • set up the area for rhymetime
  • welcome parents, carers and babies as they arrive
  • oversee buggy parking
  • help during the session by handing out rhymetime sheets and instruments
  • encourage parents and carers to join in
  • talk to parents and carers before and after the session - promote library membership and any events that may be running
  • clear up the area after rhymetime finishes
  • clean the instruments

Applicants should be

  • friendly and approachable
  • have a positive attitude towards families with young children
  • have a positive attitude towards the library service

Ash Library is seeking a volunteer to assist at their Friday morning sessions.

Woking Library is seeking a volunteer to assist with their Wednesday morning session.

For further information please click on the Fill in an Application button.  Please be mindful that this will direct you to our own application form and so perhaps save your fuller answers for that one