Cherry Trees (East Clandon)

Volunteer Driver with Cherry Trees - posted 22.08.2019

Join our band of volunteer drivers to drive one of our minibuses to transport our children to and from school or to various activities that we take them to outside of Cherry Trees.

Drivers must be over 25 and hold a full UK driving licence.

We will provide training if you have not driven a minibus before.

To apply or for further information please fill in an Application form and we will soon be in contact.


Mission Statement

Our Vision


Cherry Trees aims to be a model of excellence in respite care for children and young adults with physical and mental disabilities.

Cherry Trees aims to provide a high quality service of respite care to children in a relaxed and caring setting.

 We believe that every child is an individual with the right to enjoy a normal pattern of life within the community, appropriate to his/her age.

 Although we support individual learning programmes for each child and follow through with all programmes that are being implemented at home or school, we do not provide a structured educational system as we believe we are a “home from home” where children can relax and play.

 We advocate respect, dignity, freedom of choice and privacy for each child.  We believe in the principle of  Child First, Disability Second.

 We respect and acknowledge the role of parents/carers and the challenges they face in nurturing the potential in the child or young adult in their care.