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Cancer Fighters

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Become a Cancer Fighter today! Organize a fundraiser in support of the fight against cancer and help change the lives of Canadians affected by this disease.

Find the inspiration you need to start your own fundraiser by checking out our list of tried and true fundraising ideas. We’ve also rounded up some recent success stories from other Cancer Fighters, so take a look and see how they were able to organize fun and impactful events!

When you sign up to become a Cancer Fighter, you’ll get a toolkit that walks you through the process of organizing a fundraising event from start to finish.


Your event. Your choice. Your way to make a difference.


Cancer Fighters are independent community partners. If you're sure that's how you'd like to get involved, you don't have to fill out the application here, you can get going right away at

If you're not sure and want to talk it over, please go ahead and fill out the application here. We'll be in touch and help you explore your options.


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